Jannat organizes social events and uses the social media to spread awareness about social and environmental issues. Using Jannat, individuals mobilize their network of friends to grow lasting social movements.

I once had cancer. And after winning the battle against it, I decided to come up with Jannat so that I can reach out to millions of people out there, who are suffering from cancer and have lost their will to live, and tell them that if I can, so can you. Yes, you too can fight cancer. That’s the belief on which Jannat was setup.

All too often, when the doctor utters the word ‘cancer’, what the patient hears is “you are dying”. The fact is it need not be so. Cancer is a dreaded disease, but the fear often arises out of ignorance and misconceptions, rather than any reality. Through its work at grass-root level, Jannat came to realize that one of the main problems in India, in the control of cancer, was lack of knowledge about lifestyles and societal practices that caused 70 per cent of its occurrence. With the highest incidence of cancers in the head and neck regions for men and cervix and breast for women, Jannat woke up to the realization that many of these cancers were preventable and curable had they been caught at an early stage. From this realization emerged Jannat’s Cancer Awareness and Early Detection effort.

Today, we are a strong community on the world wide web with over thousands of people spreading the word in their network of friends.

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If you would like to help us with the project or donate for the cause, write to me at anantshukla@live.com.