The Lack Of ‘Right’ Content In The Indian Mainstream

I don’t believe we are the greatest country in the world. We used to be though, during the Golden age & way before. when Hinduism first originated, giving the world a head start, teaching us a way of life, synthesizing various Indian cultures & traditions with diverse roots and no single founder or source back [...]


Analysing Artificial Intelligence, Future of Mankind, Aliens & ‘GOD’

The Universe in its existence is the ‘God’ we have been looking out for as it is the most magical thing we know of. It self creates & self destructs & expands to unknown infinite horizons that are yet to be explored. It is also not hard to assume that the Gods we have created [...]

The Rise & Rise of Sushant Singh Rajput – The Next SRK in Making

Kai Po Che was one my favorite movies that year. It had all the elements that made for an intriguing watch. Music that caught on with people, Chetan Bhagat’s famous storyline and a perfect casting. Now, Raj Kumar Rao had already proved his mettle before, so he was naturally expected to shine but the two [...]

Matters of the Heart

Aah its been too long.. And I feel like writing again.. There is something that initiates it. The feeling when you want to express your thoughts. When you want to let the world know what's going on inside the frontal lobes of your brain. And these thoughts are a culmination of all that's going around [...]

Makkhi, Aiyya, Chittagong – Too Much too soon!

I don't really like watching animated movies. The only reason being that I prefer to watch real emotions by real people on screen instead. Not that they are any bad in terms of story and execution, infact movies like Finding Nemo, The Lion King, Wall-E and lot more, can actually move you like anything and [...]