About Me

This is possibly the most difficult task for me. To write about myself. I would probably get into a retrospection mode if I started getting serious about it, which I would rather avoid right now. So making sure that doesn’t happen and I don’t want to bore you all much as well, I would just give you a short introduction of myself.
My name is Anant Shukla. I am a 22 years old guy from Varanasi. I am a social media enthusiast and marketing executive and I run a non profit called Jannat which organizes social events and uses the social media to spread awareness about social and environmental issues. Using Jannat, individuals mobilize their network of friends to grow lasting social movements. I once had cancer. And after winning the battle against it, I decided to come with Jannat so that I can reach out to millions of people out there, who are suffering from cancer and have lost their will to live, and tell them that if I can, so can you. Yes, you can fight cancer. That’s the belief on which Jannat was setup. Today, we are a strong community on the social media with thousands of people spreading the word in their network of friends.

I’m passionate about the world of social media, what it can do for business and mankind. I work with companies to help them understand what Social Media is and how they can harness its power to have more and better relationships with their prospects and customers. I help my clients integrate social media with their existing marketing and ensure that they get the best possible return on their investment. I work across the globe with clients in Noida, New Delhi, Atlanta ( Georgia) and Varanasi.
I guess that should give you a rough idea for now. Read my blog for more.

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