My Cancer Story – From Rajneeti To Dabangg

Movies have always been a dominating factor in my life since the very start. When I was born, Maine Pyar Kia was the biggest hit of the year and broke all the previous record set by its predecessors. Salman Khan was the nation’s new heartthrob. All the girls where drooling about him and all the guys wanted to look like him. Every body secretly wished they could use the Pigeon trick to woo the girl/boy of their dreams. ‘Will you be my Friend?’ was suddenly a cool innovative way to kick start your love life. I would say it was a very filmy time to take birth.
Though the biggest influence of movies, in my life, was most evident during my cancer days. Like you must have already realized, I am big movie buff. I make sure I am updated with all the movies coming up one or two years in advance right from their ‘Mauhurat’ days to the post production and release. I am that crazy about them. In fact, when I was probably 12-13, I promised one of my uncles that I would win the Filmfare Award for the best actor one day. He still has that piece of paper laminated with him, with my signature on it and often keeps pulling my leg for it. Though I couldn’t keep up the promise, but the love for movies in me has never seized to grow.
Two years back, when I was diagnosed with cancer, everything started happening around me at a lightening fast speed. I came to Gurgaon the next day itself, was hospitalized in Medanta Medicity, and the following day, I went through a major operation that lasted for more than 8 hours. When I finally opened my eyes after being unconscious for 5 long hours, I saw 40 stiches and 20 staples running like a scorpion’s tail all throughout my abdomen. I tried to lift up my body to sit, but I couldn’t. There was no pain though because of the anesthesia that was being subjected into me through this pipe that ran right inside my nostrils to god knows where. Rajneeti was supposed to release 6 days from this day.
It was my younger brother’s birthday, so we had planned to watch Rajneeti along with my cousins in Delhi, tickets of which we had pre booked a week back as the advance opening had started two weeks prior to the release.
But luck had other plans for us, my operation happened in between. The day I came back to my cousin’s place in Delhi, I.e. The third day from my operation, my brother and cousins told me, that none of them would go for the movie now. ( You know the kind of sacrifices your family members would do for you just to make you feel good ) Anyways, I didn’t take this news in good spirit. I announced right away that no matter what, I am going to watch the movie on the set date. The only glitch was, I couldn’t even sit by then.
I forced myself to get up for the first time, on the 4th day. Somehow I reached the door of my room but the pain was to its extreme now, and I couldn’t make it any further. The next day, I made up my mind, its now or never. I stood up and started walking. It took me about 15 minutes to stand straight but once I got my balance, I gained the confidence to walk. I walked for the next 15 minutes and went back to sleep.
Finally it was the D-Day. My mother went hysterical at the very thought of me going for the movie. After a long debate, I convinced my Dad, which I always do in a situation like this. He agreed to come along to ensure I am alright and in the next ten minutes the whole family was ready for the show, including my Mom.
We all went to PVR Saket and saw the movie. I sat for 2 and a half hours without any major trouble. That’s when I realized, if you want to do it, it can be done. And that’s about the same time Salman Khan had started his promotions for his most awaited movie ‘Dabangg’.
After the successful Rajneeti stunt, I was made sure I took proper rest from then on. The biopsy report arrived right next week, that diagnosed the tumor to be malignant with Non Hodgekin’s Lymphoma of the Burkitt type, or simply said I had cancer of the lymph nodes, which was spreading all through out my body, Chemotherapy being the only cure. I was back to the hospital where my first round of chemo started. My mom took a flat right in front of the hospital and the treatment started. My Doctor had given strict instructions that I should not be allowed to go out anywhere except for the flat and the hospital. That’s when the second announcement came from my side. I told my Dad that ‘ I know I am going to get out of this cancer thing soon and I will go to watch Dabangg on 10th September and if I am alright by then, cool enough otherwise I won’t continue with the treatment.’ My parents had no choice but to agree to it. After all they just wanted me stay happy.
From then on, it became a mission for me. I promised myself that no matter what comes, I will defeat this Cancer and get out of it to watch my favorite star in action on the big screen. Four moths later, after completing nine rounds of chemotherapy, four days before the release, My reports said I was 100% free from cancer. It was gone. I had done it.
On 10th September 2010, I came all over the way to my college in Noida, met my friends and we all went to see Dabangg in Waves Noida. Almost 30-40 friends of mine, had come up just to welcome me back. I couldn’t be any happier. It was the biggest victory of my life.
So what transpired from Super Hit Rajneeti and lasted till the All Time Blockbuster Dabangg, that’s my cancer story, as I love to call it.
Sometimes the biggest joy in life comes from the most basic things. And that’s the beauty of life. You don’t have to strive too hard to stay happy, you just need to be!


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