Sunburnt in Noida

My head is still spinning at the beats of Nick van de Wall, commonly known to known to the world by his stage name ‘Afrojack’, who performed live today at Sunburn Noida 2012, a Percept production brought to us by Nikhil Chinapa and his amazing group Submerge. Sunburn Noida, an Electronic Music & Dance Festival witnessed 2 stages, over 20 of the World’s greatest artists including Afrojack, Pearl, DJ Shaan and of course my favorite Nikhil Chinapa.
There was something spectacular about today’s show. Not because it was perhaps one of the best parties organized in India, Not because it was Sunburn after all but because it was organized right here in Noida of all the places. The lush green Unitech Golf Course and Country Club witnessed a foot fall of over 15000 people today. Even to this date, Noida is still ain’t a preferred party place here in Delhi-NCR, in spite of boasting of the only super club in the country, Quantum. The reason behind it is debatable though. A lot of people tell me it’s because of the crowd here. It ain’t safe for the women and what not. But I beg to differ on this. If that would have been the case, Sunburn couldn’t have pulled this off here. The one reason why people prefer partying in the capital instead is maybe since most of the people in Noida are new to it. It has just seen a revival. Hundreds of residential apartments are now coming up here and its turning into a second home for many of the Delhites and other places in India. With projects like Wave City Center coming up it sure has a bright future.
Today I could see one the craziest party lovers in the country right here in Noida dancing to the tunes of Afrojack. The energy in the crowd was so amazingly evident. They were totally loving it. The whole ambience was one to die for. If we go by this the party scene in Noida is only going to get better and better. Sunburn really was a killer show. It was one evening Noida and its people would remember for days to come.
P.S. Though I did get upset a bit for the age restriction of 25 for buying alcohol inside the event but more on that later. For now, Give Me Everything Tonight!

Some Backstage Action with Nikhil Chinapa

Some Backstage Action with Nikhil Chinapa


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