God & God Men of India

God & God Men of India

I finally got to see OMG Oh My God today. I was always confident though that this movie was different and a topic like this was sure to raise eyeballs. And Indeed it does. I would like to congratulate Paresh Rawal & Akshay Kumar for coming up with this motion picture because they certainly have a winner in their hands.
This movie though made me remember the days of my childhood when I used to question myself on the existence of God. I have always been against the idol worshiping. God cant be an entity. I could never really get it how would praying in front of a stone help anyone. The concept of temples was never meant for this. It was a place where you could channel your thoughts to meditate. And meditation and its benefits have been well discussed and agreed upon even by science. But today its nothing but a business venture for the priests & God men. They are selling the religion in the name of God. In fact I would rather advise people to go to a casino instead and try their luck than going to a temple, where the return of your investments is sure to be 0.
There is no denying fact that a supernatural power exists that has been controlling this world from times unknown. For the sake of a balance in the society, the concept of religion was brought up and like Lord Krishna explains Kanji Bhai, if you try to shake that myth amongst the people, they would make you God instead. Like Mithun Chakrawarty ( mocking Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in a near to perfect act ) explains in the final moments of the movie, Indians are God fearing people not God Loving. The only reason why people worship God, go to temples do weird rituals like shaving off their heads, walking bare feet for miles and what not is mostly because they desire something. How do we justify that? I have often seen my friends developing their love for the Almighty right before their final examinations. Let’s consider it for a second doing this would work, don’t you agree that even God won’t like to help you much in this? After all where were you all these days when your life was smooth and you had nothing to complain about, nothing to loose? Did you never feel like thinking about Him then? Its all baseless really. We need to gauge this that God can’t help you clear your exams, or get you the love of your life or the best job. Only hard work and talent can give you success, every thing else is but a myth.
God in my view is our inner conscience. We should consider him as a source of inspiration that guides us on our life’s path. Someone who has made a certain plan for you and no matter how much you try to please Him with ‘laddoos and pedas’, He isn’t going to change that for you. We should consider Him as our friend who never leaves our side and is always there in our Good and bad times. A force within.


3 thoughts on “OMG OH MY GOD

    1. I can understand what you feel, but you see I have a slightly different view on this. A movie like this, should be made available to each and every people, because of the message it carries. Since India not being an English speaking country in general , something like remakes or adaptions or like you would call it an exact copy, works big time. . I am sure 80% of the Indian audience might not have heard about The Man Who Sued God but due to the presence of a big star Akshay Kumar, more than 70% of the country would know about OMG Oh My God. That’s the main goal. Because in the end my friend, movies are all about sharing beautiful stories


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